Values & Culture

Fulfilling the entirety of the investor’s needs is at the core of Preylock’s existence.

We aim to operate with the creativity, flexibility, resolve, and integrity required to build lifelong relationships.

Established trust

established trust

We honor the trust put in us with total commitment. As a result, our reputation is based on more than returns.


Since day one, our purpose has been clear and unwavering: we exist to serve the needs of investors around the world.

We deliver transparency, integrity and security.

We work at an institutional scale with $4b+ in assets under management and a proven track record of acquiring, operating, and realizing large-scale real estate investments. We are trusted by global investor groups from publicly traded corporations and insurance companies to sovereign wealth funds and high-net-worth individuals.

Proactive partners

proactive partners

With a deep understanding of both markets and our clients, we are a dynamic partner.


We don’t rest. Always anticipating, optimizing and going beyond expectations, we find opportunities and see potential where others cannot.

We are defined by progress and are driven to excel. We are a partner, driven to deliver. 

Focused inelligence

focused intelligence

With an approach that’s both data-driven and customized to each investor, we invest diligently and with purpose.


Through our collective intelligence, constant innovation and attention to detail, we offer a rare combination of creativity and rigor.

We foster data-driven, technological and personalized investor relations. We invest to suit the risk profiles of each investor. We believe in thorough analysis behind every investment. We pursue lucrative opportunities in meticulously chosen, supply-constrained markets.

Tailored service

tailored service

We build more than wealth; we build relationships.


We stand apart through the relationships we foster with partners, tenants, brokers and other key stakeholders. In doing so, we’re able to maximize the value of our relationships with investors and tailor our approach to their goals and risk profiles.

We exist to meet the needs of our investors. We balance our scale and strength with a nimble and agile approach. We offer a bespoke white glove service to our investors. 

Our investors’ needs are at the heart of our operations.

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Copyright © 2024 Preylock.

Copyright © 2024 Preylock.